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by Jean Prospere Alneus on May 4, 2018

Thank you for your hand-up
orea First Charity Gala of oreahaiti we thank you for this gift of faith through which we believe nothing is impossible in the Name of Jesus Christ you will convince donors to raise money to Start the Children’s Center Construction this year, we are open to receive some millions dollars Because we are ABUNDANT .
[caption id="attachment_1337" align="aligncenter" width="720"]orphanage Yvenson
One of the most important History and experience in OREA-HAITI related By Jean Prospere Alneus .
Cholera epidemic History 
I remember in November 2010 following the January 12 earthquake around 5 pm when I came back, there was a little boy named Yvenson who used to jump on me when I got back to school. children’s house and that day it was different, and very quiet it did not move as usual, I wondered what’s going on and I approached and took it in my stockings to find out what happened to him, I learned that he had not taken his dinner, I put him on watch and 2 hours after symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea appeared, I was holding the children and my wife was standing near me and we were scared.

All the employees had already left there was a maid who was staying to help us look after 16 children who were staying in our house. We immediately called the ambulance according to rhymers if you touch a patient infected of cholera you will automatically be infected, and this difficult moment it was only me to hold the child in the back of the ambulance, and told me if I am infected I accept it because no one wanted to hold the child in my place.
The child should die, we arrived at the Petit Frere et Soeur hospital  of St Damien Tabarre of Port-au-Prince  we arrived at 9 o’clock PM in center Cholera patient , immediately , i cry emergency this boy is dying,  the doctors injected the serums in his shins of the children because he was dehydrated and almost dead.

The child should die, we arrived at the hospital of Little Brother and Sister of St Damien Tabarre of Port-au-Prince at 9 o’clock PM he was almost dead, the doctors injected the serums in his shins of the children because he was dehydrated and almost dead.
Tonight, I spent 6 hours holding the child’s feet so that the serums do not relax, I was alone in the hospital as father of the child.
orea Hospitalization
At the Hospital, this night, I spent 6 hours holding the child’s feet so that the serums do not relax, I was alone in the hospital as father of the child. It was a sacrifice I made for a child who is not the fruit of my biological son and I do not have such experience for any of my biological children. And I did not know this child before the earthquake of January 12th.
But I was better able to sacrifice myself to save this child, after 3 days the child came out of the hospital in great shape. I would not be obliged to make such a sacrifice for a child If I made this sacrifice to save a child who is not my son I am sure that you are willing to donate for the construction of the children’s center to expand this ministry in Haiti which is a very difficult terrain. We thank Chiara Delmigro for helping us to find St Damien Hospital.
three day After three days of hospitalization we go home.

we Will give order to our team to implement the works you have assign us.We will continue to praise Your Holy Name, and we believe You will continue to bless us with multi-millions dollars to accomplish the assignment You gave us across Haiti We will build four buildings ( One for preschool , a primary school , one for church one dormitory) this project will cost $ 1,700 018.00
the best One of the best teacher is a child i learn many more thing through children.
we believe that God will allow us to begin by realizing this dream during 2018.
a chil Pamela A Write a US Ambassador in Haiti this photo was taken November 21/2012 in his office. OREA-HAITI is a no-profit organization founded in 2004 to change the living conditions children whom the rights are violated. Now it is time to make a deepen thing and durable to help better.
for Our mission is to save, to educate and and to protect Haitian children to offer a best future OREA-HAITI are launching an international campaign to raise fund for starting the Children’s center construction.
children visit of a Canadian ambassador at OREA, we look for partners everywhere
OREA is a social local Organization based in Port-au-Prince Haiti,Our Dream since 2004 is the Children’s Center Construction. we waiting many years to launch this campaign to raise money to start and expand our program in education, hearth care, food.
In 2010 after the deadly earthquake that ravaged our country . we helped many children and we was happy to close with some wonderful children during this difficult moment. we have
Participated in the improvement of the social, spiritual, cultural and environmental conditions of children.

Anything will help
Please follow a new photo afer work some young OREA’s members

We wish to thank every wonderful people who start this project by voluntary donating, if you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us today by mail ;

for education canadian ambassador visited our children

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