Our Dream: The New OREA Facility / Construction A New House For Children



Over the past 9 years now, through many challenges and many small victories, OREA has learned what it takes to care for and educate disadvantaged children in Haiti.
Now, our dream for the future is a bold one.

Over the past nine years, with many challenges and many small victories, OREA has learned what it takes to care for and educate underprivileged children in Haiti.

Now our dream for the future is very bold

For this 2018, we want to buy a land for the construction the orea’s children center to expand in the future to allow much more vulnerable children the community to have access to education. Our ambition is implementing a true humanitarian center to serve the community in key sectors such as Education, Health, Nutrition and Homes for Children poor.

Consistency in the work below you will have a general idea of the nature and itility of the different buildings on the images. Important to understand that this humanitarian center is a national project for children from all departments of Haiti to rescue children from the most disadvantaged

The execution of the construction will be done on a surface of 8 sixteenth of land, sufficient space for larger buildings in the future are low houses made of walls. comfortable for children. Please see the terms of construction here.

You can check out some of the plans for the firs building.


And some photos of the special piece of land here.

After reading let us know how you could help OREA to realize this DREAM for a best future of Haitian specially , children in difficult circumstance around of Haiti. If you can assist uslet us know please go on How to help page or mail us. the most important is to open your heart to a child and help to start the construction.

Our phased plan for development will let us begin the new facility as early as possible, with the a minimum amount of funding, and expand continually to the full facility as funding allows.

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