Anything will help to reopen preschool le charpentier Haiti.

save Preschool le charpentier
Welcome on this page and thank you so much for your precious donation to re-open preschool le charpentier in 2018.
This school does not work this school year 2017-2018 because of local problem. We are looking for an urgent financial assistance of $ 16500 for the rent of our preschool for 4 next years to re-open preschool le Charpentier in January 2018 to to start our marketing campaign to convince parents to inscribe their children in our school for the return in classroom on September 2018.. During this time we will work on project to buy a house for school.
This school is our source of funding to take care of our family.
school Mme Gerda J. Alneus Director manager preschool le cherpentier
We ask entrepreneurs and business leaders to kindly make a special donation to revitalize our business early in 2018.
We are fonder “preschool le Charpentier” our school is closed this year cause local problem. If we get this financial help, we will open again our school in January 2018 to start in February 2018 the inscriptions.

During those years we will work to by a house to end with the rent.
We are in a very precarious situation we do not yet pay for the schooling of our children they risk not going to school in the days to come because we lost our preschool.
We are calling for urgent assistance to raise $ 16,500 US to meet the most urgent rent.
We sincerely welcome you

My name is Gerda J. Alneus I am schoolteacher, teacher since 2001, I graduated 17 years ago. I like to see the children of my country evolve. And I want to put my hands. I am founder the preschool “Le Charpentier” april 07 2010 after the deadly earthquake that ravaged my country . i helped many children to be happy i closed with many children during this difficult moment.


Our mission
1e Strengthen the quality of education in early childhood. 2nd To showcase the young qualified gardeners and to promote the paid internship. 3rd Participate in the improvement of the social, spiritual, cultural and environmental conditions of children.

Our method of learning is bilingual (English and French) very close to Canada, we offer the children the techniques of work and field, we allow the children to be autonomous, so that they are very developed in reading, writing, calculation And their prerequisites are well installed. We also work with people who have problems reading, writing and calculating.
for education canada

We hope that the situation of our school will pack you up and you will make a special and generous gift during this christmass time. Already we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
If you can’t donate online, you can send by:
Gerda J. Alneus (Director founder preschool le charpentier)
phone number; 509 48 02 57 06 / 509 57 10 85 73
please email us :
Remember that your donation is crucial and very precious to reopen our school and take care our family’s member ,
have a nice end of the year an God bless you.
Mme Gerda J. Alneus ( Diretor founder preschool le Charpentier
If you have any questions Don’t hesitate to email us or send us a SMS on 509 48 02 57 06
Pleae let us your contact after you donation to thank you back.

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