Fund oreahaiti to Expand PBS for the next Back to school 2018.

PBS is a school program that allows smart underprivileged children to attend quality schools in Haiti. For the next back to school 2018  OREA-haiti wish to help more children in our School Back-up Program in two School partners ( Institution Mere Delia to Delmas 19 and College Frere Andre de Delmas 29 . Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 
The PBS is a program set up by OREA in 2015 with the aim of continuing to support some children with whom we have worked since 2010 following the January 12 earthquake.
The PBS is installed for 3 years ago at the school Frère André de Delmas 29 or we have 10 boys from 6 to 16 years. Given the socio-economic situation of the country, there is more request for this year, to help more than one, we launch this fundraising to raise $ 8977. US for helping 20 more children two genders for the next back to school 2018 in Haiti.

Back up Delia
OREA-HAITI is a no-profit  Haitian organization founded in 2004 to change the living conditions children whom the rights are violated. Now it is time to make a deepen thing and durable to help better

Our Mission:
Our mission is to save,  educate and and  protect Haitian children and  offer  them a best future.  OREA-HAITI need your help to make better in Haiti  communities. 

The OREA  actions  are 100% funded on voluntary contributions. To offer of every child supported, the right to health, ,better protection  and legality and provide hope to every  child in need we meet on our way.  

One of the most important History and experience in OREA-HAITI related By Jean Prospere Alneus .
Cholera epidemic History 
I remember in November 2010 following the January 12 earthquake around 5 pm when I came back, there was a little boy named Yvenson who used to jump on me when I got back to school. children’s house and that day it was different, and very quiet it did not move as usual, I wondered what’s going on and I approached and took it in my stockings to find out what happened to him, I learned that he had not taken his dinner, I put him on watch and 2 hours after symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea appeared, I was holding the children and my wife was standing near me and we were scared.

First Charity Gala of oreahaiti

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